Why it’s best to join a union as you go back to work in the second stage of lock down

By Brian Singer, (and from Angela Rayner, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party)

(11 May 2020)

On Sunday night 10 May, many working people were shocked by what  Boris Johnson said as he spoke to our country.

Workers who can’t work from home were encouraged to go back to work – but given no guidance on how to stay safe!

Millions of jobs are impossible to do while two metres apart.  Millions of us have been given no protective equipment.

But we don’t have to sit on our sofas and take this.

Workers in all sectors, even those on zero-hour contracts and poverty pay, are joining trade unions during this crisis.

Here’s Angela, who was a care worker:

With my union alongside my work mates, I won better working conditions”

Labour MPs will always fight for workers’ interests, and you can do the same by joining a union.

This crisis has demonstrated the strength of workers when we unite – whether you’re a construction worker or a care-giver.

It has demonstrated the power of having a trade union membership card in your pocket.

Trade unions fought for, and won, the furlough scheme.  It’s trade unions who are making sure thousands of workers don’t get laid off during this crisis.  In retail, healthcare, catering, building and beyond, union representatives are sorting safety measures like protective equipment, hand washing facilities and enough space to social distance. ​

But we can’t rest until every worker does their job in safe and fair conditions

The Labour Party was founded when working people came together to win.  As one movement, we won a five-day week, equal pay for women, and a minimum wage.

Together, we will win again!